Flip the Script

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Flip the Script

When we experience trauma, big or small, the words that are spokencreate an energetic pattern. We form thoughts, ideas, and words about ourselves and determine how the world works in those moments. Whether we are conscious of it or not, throughout our lives we will seek out scenarios that reinforce those patterns. So, the words formed about ourselves during these experiences hold a tremendous amount of power.  

Who we were at the age where the trauma occurred still exists within us.  They are subconsciously fighting battles in the background.  When we are able to come into the right relationship with them, they can share valuable information to help us break loose from these habitual patterns and also to understand why we created them in the first place. When we meet their needs, we are able to free ourselves in the current moment to be who we were always meant to be.  

The words that we habitually use hold the key to understanding what is underneath the surface. When we are able to see the words that we use in our internal dialogue, we can clear away the debris of these internal patterns. Once we are able to release these words, we are able to choose what we desire to have in our lives.  We can effectively Flip the Script, rewriting our stories with the words that we desire to carry with us.

I have spent the last 10 years studying to be an intuitive energy coach. I first began to learn how to read energy for myself, but fell in love with being able to help people find their way into their deepest alignment with the flow of life.

Through a home renovation, I realized how deeply our homes reflect what is happening in our energetic bodies. I connected the need for our entire roof to be replaced with our need to make a shift in our thinking. I saw the ease that I was able to see that connection without taking it so personal. Thus the creation of my own unique modality was born.

I have so much gratitude for the teachers, mentors and friends that have held my hand while I have navigated my inner terrain. Those moments were so incredibly beautiful. And I am so grateful to have found my unique signature to place upon this precious work.

When we are all treated with grace, we are offered ourselves as the gifts that we truly are.  I am so honored to be able to stand on the other side and offer a hand to the next soul that is ready for freedom. 

My greatest pleasure is to be able to guide people to their truest most joyful expression

Kelley Reynolds

Intuitive Energy Coach